Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas....

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fa lalalala la la la la......

Eeeeek...With only 10 days left
there's no time for procrastinating
Tis the season to get crackin...

So today I bring you a little Christmas cheer
in way of a short tutorial for some
European inspired Christmas ornaments.

Can be used on the tree, as gift tags, gift to friends
or hanging on a string of twine to display holiday cards.

Scissors (plain and pinking shears)
Red or Cream Felt
Embroidery Floss, (red and white)
gingham scraps
burlap scraps
polyfill or cotton fiber for stuffing

Get crackin:

Download and print template

Cut out all of your shapes in the felt of your choice.
Use pinking shears to cut a band of gingham for 1 of the large hearts and the smaller heart for the star.
(I used a piece of fabric with a heart motif already printed) Cheating.... I know!
After cutting your Burlap square, fray the edges slightly by pulling out a few threads.

Now it's time to embellish your fronts...
Don't be afraid of embroidery..if you need some help, check out some of the great video how to's on youtube. Have fun, be creative, maybe you have some linen scraps you'd like to add...
Lay out all of your designs and secure by stitching. I use a running stitch for most.
sew on your buttons and embroider the wording (I use a simple back stitch, but a chain stitch is also nice)

Once you're finished embellishing, place your pieces together (right sides out) and begin stitching. I like to keep a rather long (7" or 18cm) tail at the beginning. Tie your knot at this length then begin stitching from the top of your ornament. To add contrast, I've used a running stitch for some and blanket stitch on the others. Stitch all the way around until you are 3/4 finished. Add a small amount of stuffing and poke into corners (chopsticks are great for this). Now continue stitching. Knot your last stitch and tie off with the tail you left at the beginning. Cut the end to match the other and you can now decide what length you would like your hanging tags*. A simple knot in the end of your tails and your all finished.

*I have longer hanging tags as I like to hang my ornaments from a long piece of twine for my Christmas cards. The extra and different lengths add some character. Add some mini clothes pegs and you have yourself a lovely card bunting.

Happy Holidays
and Merry Crafting!

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Sarah said...

I LOVE these! So cute and so pretty! Thanks for sharing this fun tutorial!

Amanda said...

I love this! I featured it today on blog Today's Top 20! I would love if you stopped by!


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Marianne said...

Totally cute. I really like these. Got to keep them in mind for Christmas gifts next year. Thank you for sharing.

Jessica said...

Beautiful - I think I shall have to book mark this page for next year's Christmas crafting - thanks so much!

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