Saturday, December 4, 2010

The countdown has begun

Who doesn't love a bit of Bling during the holidays?!

I thought this Christmas we would add a bit of
Holiday sparkle to our countdown.

can you believe this started out as this...

I was inspired by this gorgeous one from Jennifer at Muse Lodge

Not wanting to add to my holiday storage,
I wanted something that we could use all year round.
And so a chi-chi chalkboard it became.

I first painted the framing a rich gold,
then gave it 3 layers of chalkboard paint.
Next it was off to the local framers for some extra dressing.
Without the glass, this was quite inexpensive.

So with a stash of buttons and vintage finds...
and a little strong glue and pin backs,
We now have a Swanky new Chalkboard,
perfect for our Holiday countdown.

And a place to write up our New Years Resolutions...
But I've got many days of Bling before I have to worry about those!

Happy Creative Holidays


shopannies said...

I love a good countdown

To Sew With Love said...

Hi, Mari. Thanks for dropping by. I love your blog (is as fab as you!) Will definitely be following. (By'd way, I'm in Mallorca, too. Such a lovely island! ^^) Have a happy monday! Happy crafting, too!

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