Friday, February 11, 2011

Food Fight Friday - Puff Puff Gooooooo

Happy Friday Lovelies.

Today I planned to meet a dear friend for Tea
after our School Runs.
Yesterday I forgot to Bake!

This Morning I needed a 5 minute wonder!

Enter the Magic of Puff Pastry.

I used a frozen Puff Pastry which I had placed
in the fridge overnight to thaw.
Woke up...Turned on oven
got me and the kidlet dressed.
Took pastry out of the fridge to soften for 15 minutes.
Made Kidlets breakfast...
Cored and sliced Apples thinly
Added lemon juice, brown sugar and pinch of salt.
Let that rest whilst making kidlets school snack.
Rolled out the now rested pastry and cut to desired size,
stacked on apples and into the oven it went.
20 minutes later....

Kidlet and I were fed, dressed and prepared to hit the road
With a delightfully warm and Yummy Apple tart!

For a flawless photographed instructional
you can get the exact recipe From Rees,
at The Pioneer Woman.
THEE best Recipe Blog!
(just try not to fall in love with her!)

Ummmmm sorry...we ate it all..
So I'm slinging Crumbs at you...

Last weeks Top Slinger was
Homemade Mamas
Valentine's Pretzels

I personally cannot wait to try them!

What are you Slinging?....

don't forget to grab a button
'cause it's nice!



21st Century Housewife© said...

Your Apple tart looks wonderful - I love puff pastry! Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful weekend.

Hope to see you at the Feed Me Tweet Me Blog Hop today!

LeelaBijou said...

Oh, yummy!!!

shopannies said...

puff pastry I just love how it feels in the mouth and definetly makes these look delicious

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