Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Keepin it simple

Sometimes you just need a little craft fix
A little D.I.Y that doesn't need a manual
or a 4 yr old to explain the Manual...

So here's a little K.I.S.S. today!
That's Sweeties not Stupid!

Rusty Grunge tin Luminaries
from the Tattered Sisters
Keep a lantern out for the returning Fairies this spring.

Coffee Filter Spring Blooms
From Busy B Family
Hmmm, I don't drink coffee so now
I've finally found a use for coffee filters.

Gumball Topiary
From Living Craftily Everafter
I think this would be an awesome spring party centerpiece.
Using Chupa Chups!

Happy Crafting


Kelly @livingcraftilyeverafter said...

Thanks for featuring my topiary! Very cute blog!!!


Tina said...

Thanks for spotlighting my Rusty Grungy Tin Luminary. Appreciate it.

Tori said...

Thank you SO much for featuring my coffee filter flowers! You just made my day! (ps- I'm your newest follower!)

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