Friday, April 16, 2010

Food Fight Friday!

Hmmmm...Well I WAS going to sling some chocolate cake at you today...
But it actually became a brownie...
and then we smothered it with strawberries and whipped cream
and ate it!

Jax and I wanted to make one of our new favorite chocolate cakes for a friends birthday yesterday but as is the case in my house at the moment...the recipe was MIA!

Now normally my memory would be good enough to pull it off but as it's had a beating this year...ummm NOPE...Chocolate Fail!

I can't even sling some flour at you as we used the last of it and we're now waiting for a boat load from Mexico!
Yes you just heard that right...My flour is on it's way from Mexico...
Actually it's from San Diego but has been stuck in Mexico for the last 3 weeks!
(It could be just me but I find the flour here heavy as sand and not easy to bake with, so I've asked Fhubby to fill the bilge with good ol' all purpose flour from America, it's an experiment!)

well, after all the excitement that Fhubby was actually setting sail last week, they got 2 hours out and had to turn back in to Cabo due to a problem with the Generator and Auto pilot.


So apparently, they've now finally left (again)
If I hear otherwise during the next day or two I suggest you hide behind your sofas...
food won't be the only thing I'm slinging!!!

Happy Weekend Lovies,
I'll try hunting down that recipe for you!

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