Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pay it Forward...

Today Choochmagooz is...
Paying it Forward

According to Facebook (Did I just say that!)
Today is the day for the Global Pay it Forward Project.
seriously, I can't believe I've just scheduled something around Facebook,
however, it was extra motivation to get my own project done...
so whatever works!

Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

In brief, the project is to make educational beanbags to be included in mobile classroom kits.

I can't think of anything more worthwhile, especially as I'm listening to my daughter waffle on about this thing she wants and that (you know the commercial break banter!) and can she have another freezie pop and maybe some popcorn...and can I can I can I...
Whilst here I sit making sure not to fill my beanbags with rice as it would be highly offensive to even consider precious food as a toy filler. Sometimes we really need a slap upside the head to focus on reality! Be sure to drop into their links if you feel the need for a head slap yourself!

Fortunately I just happened to have bought some small aquarium gravel for our Fairy Garden, and we were gifted 2 huge bags of BeanBag beans from a friends now defunct chair. So purposing too! and it solved my shipping dilemma as they are super lite.

The deadline for project 7 is May 15
so if you're crafty, and quick...
(and don't need to factor in 2 weeks shipping)
you've got time to join in too!
The gals at Craft hope have been ever so kind to
include tutorials should you need them.

When 30min of cutting + 2 hrs sewing =
a lifetime of education

That's good Math's to me!


Megan said...

Your "bean" bags look great! I'm halfway done making a math set for Craft Hope, too! I hope like heck I'll have time to make a cute drawstring bag for them - yours turned out so cute!

Nonerz said...

awesome!!! would you be interested in helping out with another project?

Jen S. said...

Your bean bags look great. And the bag is super cute! I made some for Craft Hope too.

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